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Fortnightly sheep: 4 horn ewe 6


No 6 on 8th December 2013

No 6 on 8th December 2013

Every couple of weeks we are going to introduce one of our sheep and give you an update on how they’re doing. First is our number 6. She’s from the original starter flock we got from our friend Malcolm. She must be about 2 years old now – born in early 2013 and shorn for the first time in July 2014. She was a little shy initially but always interested in us and what we were doing and as soon as a couple of our 2 horn ewes were persuaded to eat out of our hands, she had to have a go too. She’s a lovely looking ewe with a friendly face and good horns. We also like her markings with quite a lot of white in her and a nice, not too dark brown. Her fleece is quite fine, not the finest we have but definitly up there.

Since we sold some of the ewes to select our 2015 flock, No 6 has come into her own and seems to have taken over as matriarch and leader of the flock. She is usually at the front and brings the flock to us when we come to feed them. She is also partial to a few sheep nuts and knows rather too well where our pockets are. She isn’t too keen on hay – or at least not while we’re looking. She does like a bit of good grass though and gave Kath the slip back into our smaller field which we were resting when Kath didn’t manage to close the gate quickly enough. We like her because she’s friendly without being pushy, and she’s interested and likes being around us. Fingers crossed this will be her first time lambing (if Brough is doing his job!) and we are really hoping she’ll be a good mum who doesn’t need any help from us.

The pictures above show No 6 across the time we’ve had her, from a fluffy, pretty much still lamb in October 2013 (she’s the one front right in the flock picture which might look familiar – it’s also currently our banner photo), through her first shear (again the one on the right with the blue spray marks) to the confident ewe she is now (pictured with our No 1 who we will profile another time).

Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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