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Fortnightly Sheep: 2 horn ewe 10


Here’s the second of our fortnightly sheep profiles. This two horn ewe is from the original starter flock and we’re not entirely sure how old she is. She had at least one set of lambs before we got her and then lambed in January 2013 with us. She had triplets (all female) and we still have all three of them and we will profile them in later weeks. We weren’t going to keep her when we reduced the numbers. She is that little bit older and she isn’t the best of our 2 horns but then we worked out that she was the mother of the lovely lambs we were keeping so we decided to keep her another year to see if she would again produce good lambs.

No 10 in October 2014

No 10 in October 2014

She has quite nice even horns, swept back a little but not as dramatically as some and she has nice markings – I quite like them when they are uneven and not in any kind of pattern. She’s not particularly big and her feet have needed a fair bit of attention which is why we wanted to sell her in the autumn. However, all our 2 horns were great mums and we really wanted to make sure we had a mixture of experience and new mums in the flock so she got a reprieve. She used to be lovely and friendly and would sometimes be brave enough to take a few sheep nuts out of our hands but since we reduced the size of the flock and moved them onto the field closest to us, she seems to have taken exception to something – us probably.


She has been jumpy and nervous and tends to be at the back of the flock with everyone else inbetween her and us now. The last couple of times we have rounded them all up we haven’t been able to get her in. She will hopefully settle down again and we have been careful to just leave her too it but – as they say – there is always one!

She was however rather taken by the energy lick bucket we bought just before Christmas and the little video shows here tucking in together with the others. She is the 2 horn in the foreground on the left (blue spay on her was to mark her as one of the ones to sell) and the other one on the right is number 6 profiled last time

We will almost certainly sell her once her next set of lambs are weaned. If she calms down again she’d make a great ewe as part of a starter flock as long as she is still in good enough condition. For now though we’re hoping she will turn out to be as good a mum this time as she was last time.

Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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