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Lambing 2015 – Episode 2: More Highs and Some Lows

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The first three ewes to lamb didn’t need any help but neither did they, other than the first to lamb, show any signs that they were about to give birth. None of them were visibly bagged up at all. On the same day that we brought number 12 in to the shed we also noticed that number 6 – a young 4 horn we introduced here – was really bagged up. She seemed to go from nothing to pretty much exploding so we took her into the shed to make sure we could easily help if needed. She had twins the next day on the 3rd April. The video shows them shortly after birth.

So the highs kept coming but there were lows too. Ewe 1 – the young black faced 4 horn, gave birth to twins on the 1st April. We weren’t there but arrived a little while after. It looked like one was born dead. It had the umbillical cord wrapped round its neck. The other was barely alive when we got to it and was clearly already very hyperthermic. We tried to revive it but we were too late. The poor ewe just didn’t know what to do. She spent a couple of days walking the field calling for her babies. She has calmed down now.Lamb to ewe 2

The lows kept coming. The number 2 two horn ewe was next to lamb and she had twins. The first one had been born and we had presumed it was a single because it must have been close to two hours before the other one was born. It was born in its fluid sack. What happened next I blogged about here.

Then there was another high –  a muted and anxious high – but a high. 059Number 14 had triplets. They were all fine but cold so Kath brought them into the shed and we kept them in a night. We are still anxious but the ewe is doing a great job at keeping track of all of her lambs and she takes them into the shed when it is cold.

So we have 11 lambs all doing well. And we still have one ewe left to lamb. We hope she does so soon.

Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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