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Fortnightly Sheep – Ewe 12

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Ah yes, number 12. A 2 horn ewe who has been the tamest from the start. She was also the first ewe I could really recognise and identify because she lost an eartag not long after she arrived with us. It seems odd now that I couldn’t tell our ewes apart when we first got them. It seems so obvious now.Ewe 12

Number 12 is great to have in the flock because she is so friendly. If people come to meet our sheep you can always count on number 12 to come and have a look and see if anyone is going to give her some sheep nuts. Number 6 does that too but she can be a bit pushy and sometimes scares visitors a bit. Number 12 will eat out of our hands and she is very sweet the way she stands back until you invite her in by stretching your hand towards her. She is Kath’s mum’s favourite because of her lovely manner.

2015 lambs to ewe 12

Ewe 12 had twins in 2014 and again this year. The pciture above shows this year’s on the day they were born (or possibly the day after!) and the video below shows last year’s minutes after being born. Last year she had one of each, this year both are female. She is a very good mum and looks after her lambs well. There’s a bit more on her 2015 lambing story in a previous blog post. Like most of our two horn ewes she is on the older side so we will need to check her carefully once the lambs are weened and decide whether to keep her another year. If we can’t I shall miss her friendly face and gentle nuzzle as she takes sheep nuts out of your hand (and sometimes your pocket).

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