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Fortnightly Sheep: Edith

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Little Edith is our first bottle fed lamb. She is one of triplets  born in January 2014 and her mum is the 2 horn ewe number 10. Here she is as a lamb learning to work her legs

Edith has always been a bit special. She had really droopy ears like lambs sometimes do but hers never picked up (they’re still a bit floppy now) and she always seemed to have a slightly odd shaped head and bloated belly. In fact we were so concerned about how bloated she was that we took her to the vet and tried home remedies like olive oil and ground ginger. She just didn’t seem right and kept scouring for ages. We had her in the house for a few days, then back on the field and then brought her back to the house when she seemed poorly again.

She has come round well but there is still something a little odd about her and we decided that we wouldn’t risk lambing her in case she does have problems. We were wondering what to do with her as we couldn’t bring ourselves to sell her for meat and then we decided to keep two of the lambs for breeding in the future and therefore decided that Edith could just stay with them and that if we did that every year, she’d always be able to stay with the lambs we were going to keep. So that’s the plan.

Edith is tame as you would expect from a bottle fed lamb. She often comes and stands by us, sometimes leaning against out legs, sometimes just being with us. When we walk the field she comes with us and when we feed the sheep she’ll still come and check that we haven’t saved her any food in the bucket. She used to get pushed off so we fed her on her own out of the bucket for a bit. She’s also got a really distinctive bleat which always sounds a bit impatient and cross. I reckon I could pick her out of any flock without seeing her. She’s the only of our bottle fed lambs left with us now but she seems to have integrated herself into the flock – at least while we’re not there to distract her.


Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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