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More water

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I was pleased to get up this morning and see this: No rain. What actually looks like a lovely morning with the mist and low cloud still hanging in the Aire Valley.


View from my study window

I’d like it to stay dry a little while. Not just because there are only a few weeks to go before our marathon and I’d like to not break my neck or get pneumonia but also because we could really do with things drying out a bit at the sheep!

Yesterday was just wet. The puddles in the fields have got worse and water was just streaming through our gate. Kath spent a while trying to divert it into the stream where it should go while I tried to sort out feeding the sheep. Water was running through our storage shed (thankfully our hay is stacked off the floor, as are our food bins). While filling the bucket with food I had about an inch or running water coming over my boots. There was not point in feeding in the shed – it was mostly under water so I waded in and carried two small feeding troughs out into the rain and fed them there. Then I waded back for hay and nearly got my boot stuck in the mud. Poor sheep, looked very soggy!

The young rams had hidden themselves right under the hedge. I took one look at the pen where we usually feed them – just water running through it and a few inches of mud. The feeding trough in there is too heavy for me to move on my own so they had to have their grub on the soggy ground. The ewe lambs were tucked at the bottom of the field by a wall but in spite of their soggy appearance were happpily grazing. They came running up the field when they saw me. I was soaked and beginning to get a bit cold but they did make me smile – not much evidence of that here though:


Jess and the rain

So heres to a dry day – at least one day. Please weather gods.




Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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