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Dog attack


I’ve actually been meaning to write about feeding our sheep, hay racks, what energy licks/mineral blocks to get etc etc but just as I was getting round to finding the relevant photos on my phone and uploading them to the computer we had a dog attack on one of our ram lambs.

The other posts will therefore have to wait.

We got a call from Kath’s mum saying that one of our 3 ram lambs was missing and she’d been looking for him for about an hour and couldn’t find him. There was a big chunk of wool in the field.


We climbed over the walls at the bottom of our field – Kath in the rams’ field and me in the field with the gimmer lambs and Kath found him. It was the triplet – so the smallest of the ram lambs and he was in a bit of a state.  He made a very feeble attempt at running off but just slid into a little stream and tangled himself in brambles further.

Our trailer isn’t accessible  – can’t get it out on this wet ground and nobody we knew with suitable transport was around so there was only one thing for it – the ram lamb was going to have to make the trip to the vet in the back of our VW Polo. First though he had to be lifted out of the stream, untangled from the bramble and then carefully manouvred (actually, carried) down to the road – back up into the field wasn’t an option – too steep.

The vet cleaned him up and had a good look at him and this is what we could then see

The muscle damage is severe. The vet couldn’t feel any tendon damage but we won’t know for sure until the muscle is healed a bit more. The ram is still not standing on his toes properly but bending his foot over and ‘knuckling’ on it. That might well be tendon damage in which case there’s not much we can do.

We’ve had the little fella in the shed for a couple of days to allow him to rest and to allow us to easily give him his two futher injections of antibiotics and of painkiler/anti-inflammatory. The swelling is beginning to go down and the leg isn’t as hot anymore so today we are going to see about getting the ram back in the field with the others – sheep aren’t good on their own in sheds!

ram lamb in shed

So, if you own a dog, this is just a little plea, please keep it on a lead near livestock. Keep it under control, keep it close to you. Everyone always says ‘well my dog wouldn’t’ but somebody’s dog did and it was horrendous and could have been much worse!

Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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