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Ram Lamb – Dog Attack Follow- Up

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Well, we managed to get the little ram lamb out today – the featured image above is him just a week or so old. We had a good look at him while we had him, checked all his feet and 20151224_141114him generally, sprayed the wounds with anti-septic and carefully checked his back end for any wounds we might have missed. He’s got quite a bald patch the poorbugger. The wounds are healing and he is a bit brighter. He is still not putting his foot down properly though. We had him in the shed in one of our fields and needed to get him from there to the other field. It’s not far at all, less than 100 metres from gate to gate but still. Kath carried him up the field to the path but it was fairly clear that she wouldn’t be able to carry him all the way.

I suggested the wheelbarrow. I was half joking but it seemed worth a try. Well, he just sat in it. He was calm as anything and just relaxed into the adventure. We were too busy wheeling him on and then opening the gate and getting him in the field to get a photo of him in it but it was brilliant. Maybe people wheel their sheep around all the time but it was certainly a first for us. When we arrived at the gate to his field he started bleating and the other two came running up to see him. It was really quite sweet.

Kath carried him to the hayrack which is positioned to give maximum shelter to the rams if they tuck between it and the hedge and we went back to the shed to get them some food. When we got back he was moving well in the field (hobbling a bit because he is still bending his foot over but moving) and he was clearly excited and happy to be out. He had a bit of food but was more interested in nibbling a bit of grass.

Getting him out seems to have been the right call and it seems right that he didn’t have to spend Christmas Eve all on his own in a shed.

Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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