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April Fool Babies

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Catch up post number 2. Twins born on 1st April.

I think I mentioned before that we had brought our Number 6 into the shed overnight a few days ago because she wasn’t right. We knew she couldn’t be far off lambing and the chart suggested Saturday. I did the Thursday bed time check and at 10.30pmish Number 6 was tucked up under a Hawthorn tree close to the path. It’s an unusual spot for her to be. Little Stumpy had her twins there, too so I wasn’t sure whether Number 6 was just looking out for the lambs or whether she was there to lamb herself. It is also the spot where the ewes often put their lambs last year so I left Kath a note to make sure she checked that ewe and that spot in the morning.

Kath did the early shift and was there about 4.30am and Number 6 had had twins. She had licked one clean and was attending to the other. Kath brought them in because the weather was cold and damp.


The ewe seemed sore when the lambs tried to drink she stamped her feet. Kath checked she had milk which she did and decided to give Number 6 a painkiller to make sure she would feed the little ones. Her udder was so full and tight that it’s not surprising it was a bit tender. She settled down once the lambs had had some milk.

The twins are both girls and one in particular melted our hearts – mainy because of this picture Kath took just after she got them in.


Our friend Abbie has named her Ellie. Both are like their mum – quite white bodies but with dark wool around their necks. Ellie also has a cute little dark patch on her right shoulder/armpit. It’s so hard not to worry about them and trust the ewes and these two little ones seemed to be alseep a lot. We kept prodding them to get up just to make sure they were ok and every time Number 6 gave us that ‘oh come on, I know what I’m doing, please let them sleep’ look.

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Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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