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All Sorts of New Beginnings

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I wrote about my work related new beginnings on my Ramblings of a Legal Academic site. Well it has also been a pretty momentous week for Riddlesden Jacobs. I keep thinking I will get time to finally update all the pages and catch up on the blog posts etc but it’ll never happen – at least not in the way I imagine it to. So I’ll just start blogging again and do little catch up posts in-between. It won’t be chronological but at least I won’t get further and further behind.

So all sorts of things have happened or been done recently. Shearing went fine with just little Edith getting a little cut because she just wouldn’t stop wriggling. We have moved our ewes from field to field a couple of times and it works lovely now – they just follow me (or rather the bucket) out of the field and then they know where they are going and just take themselves to the other field. Moving the ram lambs out was a little trickier but in the end we used a wheelbarrow and transported them one by one.

A little while ago we managed to sell our ram Brough. When the day came it all happened so fast that we never really said goodbye properly and then he was gone. He’s gone to a good home though so we’re happy.

So that means we need a new ram for this coming breeding season. Well we’d started looking around a little bit but didn’t see anything suitable locally. We saw one lovely looking ram on Preloved but it turned out that he was Brough’s half brother so we couldn’t use him. Then at Kilnsey show we saw a few lovely sheep from one particular flock and decided to ask whether the people who owned them had any for sale. Well it turned out that they were prepared to sell the ram lamb they had with them and he is lovely – more on him when we actually get him home. Don’t want to jinx anything.

Well then the getting him home thing raised the transport and not having a car that can pull the trailer issues again. We’ve gone round and round in circles about this thinking about having a second vehicle – something like a Landrover Defender but that didn’t seem to make any sense at all. So new plan, part 1 of which we put into place today. We have bought a new car. A Mitsubishi ASX which will pull a small trailer which is part 2 of the plan. The trailer we’ve got we’ll keep for journeys where we need to transport more than a couple of sheep and for those we will still have to rely on the goodwill of others but this way we can deal with things as they arise and take the pressure off everyone. In the words of a very wise little creature


Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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