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Dino’s Journey

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Dino has been with us for a few weeks now and has settled in really well. It’s about time we told you about his journey. It took a bit of organising as we don’t have a trailer yet (but are making progress – we’ve ordered it) and Malcolm was away and then we were going away and Dino’s previous owners were keen for us to pick him up. In the end Bernard was able to borrow a truck and he just built a crate from pallets that sat in the back. So we piled in – Me, Kath and Kath’s mum Anne and Bernard driving.

We got stuck in traffic a little but nothing too major and soon we arrived and were shown to a nice little barn where Dino was penned with some other sheep which were going to be taken to a show the next day. After doing the paperwork we got one of our little leather halters on Dino to lead him out to the car.

The halter was a little small so we need to dig out one of the bigger ones next time we need to walk anywhere with him. He was good as gold and we secured the crate and then were on our way. We were lucky with the traffic so the journey home was quicker than the trip there. Initially Dino thought it was all a little scary but then he settled down and actually spent most of the time lying down

Even on the journey Dino was quite vocal and he hasn’t really shut up since. He’s a little chatterbox. He always seems to have something to say and I don’t think he’s complaining. When we arrived at the field we opened the gate and then walked Dino out of the car down the ramp Bernard had built and straight into the field to meet his new friends.

The boys seemed quite interested and came to have a look almost immediately and Dino was also keen to meet them. We gave them all some food and that seemed to settle everyone in. Reluctantly we left them to it, hoping that they would get on ok. They did. The ram lambs are respectful of him it seems – he is a few weeks older than them and a bit bigger. The older ram (the dog attack triplet from 2015) is a bit more put out because he’d just got used to being the boss after Brough left. There’s a bit of pushing and shoving but nothing major at all. It’ll soon be time for Dino to join the girls anyway but it is nice that there hasn’t been any drama.

Here is Dino meeting the ram lambs for the first time


Author: Jess Guth

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