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Dancing Dino

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img_1929That is not the title we had for this post originally but it is perhaps a little more appropriate to a general audience. Today is Dino’s lucky day. Today Dino was taken to the ewes. We had no idea how he would react to them or what they would think of him.

We grabbed him at the food trough and popped a halter on him and then Kath walked him along the path as I carried the bucket. Once at the gate we smeared the bright green colour stuff on his chest so we can see when the ewes have been tupped and work out the lambing dates. Then we opened the gate, followed him in and put the food in the troughs.

A number of the ewes came and had a sniff at Dino but then everyone tucked into the food.   The ewe that we call Stumpy seemed rather interested though and she kept looking up from the food and swishing her tail. When that got no reaction she went and barged her way in next to Dino and kept swishing away. Dino, however, was only interested in food. Several of the others came and had a sniff while he was eating but he ignimg_2014ored them all.

Once the food was all gone though Dino clearly thought he may have to give these ladies a little more attention. He approached several ewes and seemed rather taken with one of the shearlings. The shearling however wasn’t impressed and ran away. In fact both shearlings ran away and hid in the shelter and watched events unfold from a safe distance.

Stumpy wasn’t having any of the other ewes getting to Dino first. She kept herself in-between them and him and eventually Dino realised that she was probably his best bet for now. I shall spare you the details but basically Dino and Stumpy had a lovely and slightly hilarious dance round and round in circles – they weren’t at all shy, everyone was watching.  Then Dino transferred most of the green colour we’d put on him onto her.

This means Stumpy may well be the first to lamb around the 11th March. It also means we need to put more green stuff on Dino as most of it is now on Stumpy.




Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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