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Triplet Update and Waiting

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20170316_075744 (640x480)I am sitting on our sofa waiting to head out for the late check listening to the wind howling and the rain hitting the windows and I am trying (and failing) not to worry myself sick about the triplets and any lambs that might be born into this. It’s lamb killer weather. The rain and the wind felt particularly cold as we went for a little run earlier and I am hoping that our lambing chart continues to be wrong and no lambs are born over night tonight. There have been no signs at all during the day today – if there had we would have brought the relevant ewes in. You might be wondering why we haven’t done that anyway, well the ewes don’t tend to do very well shut in. They do much better outside where they can be with the flock and move as they wish and graze. So we need to minimise the time they might have to spend indoors. Also actually getting them in can be a bit stressful for them so if we don’t need to, we won’t. This does mean frequent checking and Kath’s mum Anne is helping. She lives closer than we do and is doing the evening checking a lot of the time so we can both get a bit of additional rest. Then I do midnight and Kath does about 4am. Usually it seems lambs arrive dawn/early morning or dusk and overnight is usually quiet but it’s just not worth sitting here worrying so we will go check every couple of hours or so.

So, triplet update. We kept them in over night just to make sure that everything was ok 20170316_073750 (640x480)and then Kath opened up the pen early in the morning and Number 6 took her triplets out into world. Kath put little lambmacs on them – little rain coats for lambs  – to keep the worst of the weather off. They have worked well. Number 6 had a good first day out with the lambs on Thursday and took them back to the shed overnight. Presumably for most of the night because she was there for the evening and the midnight checks and the early morning one. At midnight I tried to check without disturbing her so just quickly felt the lambs and they were all warm and had full bellies. Number 6 is doing a great job.

They have had another good day today but the ram lamb keeps unhooking his leg from the20170317_172316 (640x480) lambmac and then tearing it so while his sisters are in the original one, he is on mac number 3. Boys! You can maybe just see how it’s flapping about in the picture with them by the food trough. We were so relieved to see Number 6 bring her lambs over with the rest of the flock to come and feed. She stayed back a little but then went to get some food and her lambs went with her. The other ewes almost immediately moved to the other end and gave her space. It really was good to see her eat. The ewe with triplets last year was so nervous around everything and everyone that she wouldn’t come to feed and would run off if we tried to bring food to her.

Because number 6 is pretty relaxed around us, her lambs are quite tame and they do seem to enjoy a bit of a fuss!



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Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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