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What goes in must come out

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Lambs pee a lot! I forget just how much from bottle fed lamb to bottle fed lamb. How is it


Snuffles aged about 30 hours

possible that when you put 150ml in, gallons come out. I have been at work (ok ok, I’ve been in a hotel bar in Leeds having productive conversations with a lovely colleague) for a lot of the day today while Kath has looked after the lambs. But even in the time I have been here I have had several pee incidents. Kevin peed on my foot, twice; Snuffles peed down my leg and she’s got a good aim because she also managed to pee straight into my jacket pocket as I was carrying her out the door to make her run up and down our drive for a bit. The car keys seem to have survived but my train pass looks a bit worse for wear. I’ve also stood in several puddles.

Anyway, updates. The weather is horrible and I am once again worried sick but all ewes are fine and not showing any signs of lambing imminently. The next two should be due on Wednesday/Thursday but there are two unknowns. We are continuing the frequent checks. I’ll be going on in a little while – in the middle of a thunder storm by the sound of things out there. The weather forecast just now mentioned the possibility of snow. Great.

IMG_3752The triplets are thriving and it was lovely to see them bouncing about and playing around the shed door when we went to feed the ewes earlier. Number 6 is struggling a little. She has a bit of a smelly backend and possibly a little bit of a discharge. We have given her some more antibiotics and the vet confirmed the ones we have are the best ones and advised another dose in 3 day’s time. If that doesn’t sort it, we might have to take her down to the vet’s just to make sure there isn’t any internal damage from the prolapse and tricky birth. She seems ok in herself and it clearly feeding and looking after the triplets. We’ll keep an eye on her.

Kevin and Snuffles have decided to embrace life. They look and behave like different lambs to the ones we brought home on Saturday and even the difference between yesterday and this morning is huge. We took them with us to Kath’s mum’s for Sunday lunch yesterday and they spent most of the time asleep with one or two little wobbly 30 second run arounds. Watching them develop is phenomenal. Snuffles seems to have grown into her skin and isn’t quite as wrinkly as she was. Her horns are also pushing through and she keeps trying to scratch her head with her back leg. This morning she kept falling over, this evening she can do it. Kevin’s horns are also pushing on and he IMG_3745has, in the last 24 hours, developed some sharp little teeth which he has taken to sinking into my toes. When I put them to bed last night, bottle feeding was a bit tricky. They weren’t entirely confident with the bottle and needed to be held on my knee and then have their head held and the bottle held in place. This morning they woke up seemingly having learned how to latch onto a bottle and suck the hell out of it.

Kath has spent a lot of time playing with them today and they are much more confident on their feet. They have been bouncing around our house and this afternoon have had a little outing into the garden and onto the drive. We seem to have exhausted them and they have been asleep for the last 4 hours. This is a really good sign. They are now able to take on enough milk to keep them going for quite a while. Yesterday they managed 30-50ml max, this evening Kevin would have guzzled a 450 ml bottle in one go if we’d let him (we stopped him – we don’t want him to get bloated). Snuffles, who is much smaller, had 200ml earlier.

Snuffles and Kevin will stay with us at home until all the other lambs have arrived in case we need the shed for a maternity unit. By the time we’re ready to take them on to the shed they should be on pretty regular and relatively large feeds which means they’ll be able to go through the night quite well. Right, I’m going to get ready to wake them and feed them.  Somehow I’m going to have to do both at once – otherwise the one not on the bottle will scream the place down and wake Kath. Wish me luck.

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Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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