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Kevin and Snuffles’ Adventures – 1

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The bottle fed twins decided they wanted to live and have been little hooligans ever since. They
IMG_3834 (640x480)spent their first night in our shower room which is easy to clean but can be kept warm as it has a radiator in it (we put the thermostat in there and turned the radiators off in the rest of the house). After that first night we moved them to the utility room, lined the floor with newspaper and made a bed with straw. They flooded it several times a day. As we’ve mentioned before – lambs pee a lot.

Kevin and Snuffles quite liked being in the house I think and they were good as gold really. They seemed to understand being put to bed and they slept through without a peep from midnight until 6am. In fact most mornings Kath had to wake them when she got back from her early morning field check. They spend a lot of time bouncing around the house and following Kath around. Snuffles learned how to climb the stairs and then taught Kevin. Retrieving lambs from under our bed became a thing to do – as did running up and down our driveway being followed by lambs or muttering ‘please don’t pee in my shoes’ or ‘Kevin, don’t mount your sister’…20170321_102410 (480x640)

There are a few videos and pictures of them at home over on our Facebook page and they are cute and they do make me smile but having lambs at home is relentless. During the day you don’t get a second’s peace. They are learning all the time, they are figuring out life and so you can never assume they can’t or won’t do something. There were the stairs, the nuzzling cat biscuits, the curling up in the cat litter tray, the pulling pizza off my plate and getting stuck down the side of the garage. There were meetings with the cats, the difficulty of getting four legs to work together on wet slippery laminate flooring and there was the learning how to pee on the fresh IMG_3821 (640x480)newspaper as soon as it has been put down. A special skill Snuffles soon perfected.

Kevin and Snuffles had adventures in our house but it was definitely time to get them out. Our cats need therapy and we need a rest. They now go longer between feeds during the day so now they need to learn to be sheep. We took them on to the field on Friday afternoon. More on that in Adventures – 2.


Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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