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Kevin and Snuffles’ Adventures – 2

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IMG_3851 (640x480)On Friday Kevin and Snuffles moved to their new more permanent home on at the field. They have a pen in the shed where they will stay for a while. We will let them out while we’re there and we’ll play with them and try and get them used to being amongst the flock but for a little while yet they need to be penned in when we’re not there.

They disagree. The first iteration of the pen was nowhere near secure enough. within minutes Snuffles climbed through the gate on to the hay bale that was supposed to be blocking her in. So we put two bales on top of each other (tied on so they can’t fall off and kill a lamb). That seemed to work ok but when Anne went to feed them in the evening Kevin had got out into the neighbouring pen where number 12 was with Dewey and then out. Snuffles was screaming her head off and there was  carnage with lambs all over the place and generally with the wrong ewes.

Once that was sorted, Anne added a barricade to the front of Number 12’s pen and that IMG_3944 (640x480)worked. They now seem quite settled in their little pen.

We have been going on and spending time with the lambs and encouraging them to move and play. In fact Kath has been doing little hill repeats with Snuffles. Kevin is more interested in nibbling things and he’s far too lazy to actually run. He will come for a little trot though, if he must. His priority though seems to be chewing things. To try and put some fun back into lambing season we took a picnic on to the field and sat in the sun. Kevin in particular really took an interest and tried to chew everything he could reach.

On Saturday morning Snuffles and Kevin were the stars of Riddlesden. Walkers came by and stopped to watch them and for one or two who didn’t have dogs we took them over to the fence to say hello. Kevin seemed non-plussed and kept nosing the ground and chewing on sticks. Snuffles however thought it was about time she got the proper attention she deserved. Mum called her Madam Snuffles – with some justification it seems.

Neither of the lambs will venture far away from us when we’re there. We’re going to have try and encourage them to toddle off on their own away from us. Maybe we can get them to play with the other lambs – or at least go and have a look at them. It would be great to get them outside more of the time even if we pop them back in the pen at night.

Watch this space as the Adventures of Snuffles and Kevin continue.




Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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