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Stumpy’s twin girls

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This afternoon our ewe Stumpy (Number 14) had twin gimmer lambs. She is a remarkable ewe. She took herself into the shed and effectively lambed in a made up lambing pen. All we had to do was shut the pen once we found her. We also of course tidied up the pen and removed all the wet and dirty straw. It was really quite something. I wonder if she remembers the shed as a safe space. We do feed in there sometimes and we used to use it for catching them and doing their feet and injections etc but have stopped doing that because we want to ewes to use it as a safe place for themselves and their lambs. Maybe she remembers being taken in there after lambing last year, maybe she even remembers being a lamb in there herself. If only they were all that easy!

IMG_3981 (640x480)

Our problems continue though. The lambs again appear weak and shivery. They are not as responsive as usual and Stumpy – who was pretty close to supermum status last year appears a bit unsure of what to do with these two. We have checked on them several times over the course of the afternoon and evening and they seem warm. We have seen one of them drink off Stumpy but not the other (but it might have done) and we have topped them both up with some colostrum replacer just in case. All we can do now is keep checking and wait. It will either play out like it did for little Dewey and Number 12 or it will be horrendous and go more like it did for little Guzzle. I will see if I can top both of them up with some more colostrum replacer when I check later and feed Kevin and Snuffles and then we just have to keep our fingers crossed that they make it through the night. If they do I think they’ll be ok.

They both look like big strong healthy lambs so it’s a bit of a mystery. One of them is really fluffy – you can sort of see on the picture. I really do hope they make it. Part of me just wants to take them home and try and protect them but the best thing for them is to be with their mother and quite honestly – I’m not sure I have another week of lambs in our utility room in me.

I have today also finally managed to finish the blog posts on all of the recent events briefly outlined in the last blog – they are now all scheduled to post in the next half hour – hopefully in the order that events unfolded. As things are a little calmer now we will try and stay a bit more on top of the blog and also on Facebook.

Just a shearling to go!

Happy reading.


Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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