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Triplet Mum’s twins

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It’s funny how you end up sort of naming your sheep even when you don’t intend to. Our two horn ewe Number 2 has been known as triplet mum since she had triplet rams last year. She is on the skittish side and she was due on the 22nd March. We’d already lost twins that morning in the horrendous weather but there was no chance of actually getting near Number 2 to get her in. Looking through the photos to choose some for the blog I also realised we don’t have many pictures of her and most of them aren’t very good!

20170323_110319 (480x640)When we went to check, Number 2 was being odd. She was pacing around the field. Every now and again she’d stop at a point, bleat and then she’d be off again. At one point she went into the shed and seemed to stay in there for a while but as soon as we got close she was off again. It was cold and wet and miserable as we stood and watched. We didn’t dare leave in case she actually lambed. We wanted to be ready to get her and her lambs in and out of the rain. However, by watching we seemed to just freak her out even more. We’d closed the gates on her so she was in the smaller portion of the field but that seemed to really freak her out and she looked like she might jump the fence so we opened the gates again. Just as we decided we’d walk away, have a quick cuppa and come back she went into the shed. Kath was too far away and I didn’t think I’d get there in time but somehow I did and got the door closed before she could bolt. We got her in one of the two made up pens and then left her to it.

20170323_110235 (480x640)

Later that evening she had two beautiful lambs. A whopper of a ram lamb and a tiny little gimmer lamb. She seemed to do ok with them but her mothering wasn’t that convincing, particularly given how she behaved with her triplets last year. We kept them in over night and then thankfully the weather picked up  a little and we could let her out.We put lamb macs on the lambs to keep the worst of any rain off and kept our fingers crossed. Number 2 was much happier outside than she had been in but was also a little perturbed when Number 6 started leaving her triplets with her. Over the last couple of days she’s relaxed a bit and is enjoying the sun with her lambs. They both seem to be doing ok and in spite of her small size the gimmer lamb is energetic and bouncy. Updates on them in the next few days.

20170323_112744 (640x480)

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