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Spotty Ear’s Lambs

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IMG_4058 (640x480)It’s over. We have made it through another lambing season. It’s hard to put into words how relieved we are to get to the end of this one. Our shearling ‘Spotty Ear’ lambed on Sunday sometime between 9am and 10am. We’d had a lovely Saturday with our friend Heather and all of us had said how uncomfortable Spotty Ear was looking. When I went for the evening check on Saturday I was convinced I’d fined lambs – but no, just a very fed up ewe. Kath said the same about Sunday morning – but nothing. I’d just dropped Heather off at the station and changed into my running gear when our phone rang. Anne had popped on at 9am and there wasn’t a sign of anything and had then gone back at 10am to feed Kevin and Snuffles and Spotty Ear had lambed.

We went on immediately and by the time we got there she had two lambs and they were IMG_4051 (480x640)both up and she was licking them and both had a drink. Kath picked the lambs up and we moved them to the shed. Luckily we didn’t have far to go at all and it went pretty smoothly. Spotty Ear sort of danced around Kath and the only heart stopping moment was when she stopped outside the shed and took a minute or two to decide whether she was really going to follow her lambs inside. Then she went in and all was fine.

The lambs were shivering. We followed the vets advice and after helping dry them off a little bit we gave them both a quick turn in the lamb box to make sure they were warm, gave them a shot of lamb reviver and the shot of antibiotics given to us by the vet. Then we left them to it for a bit. We kept checking back and gave the lambs another few minutes in the lamb box each. We also gave them a little bit of colostrum replacer from the bottle.IMG_4124 (640x480)

Both lambs were shivery but warm. They never went downhill like the others, they didn’t have a perfect start but maybe the lamb reviver helped, maybe the warmer weather helped, maybe the shearling wasn’t as affected by whatever impacted on the others. Who knows, what’s important is that the lambs seem ok. They were more responsive from the go but they were also shivery and we gave then another shot of lamb reviver in the evening. When I went on at 10pm to feed the hooligans they were IMG_4129 (640x480)lovely and settled, they were warm, not shivering and were clearly getting food. This morning they were up and playing. I had a break from work mid morning to go on and let them out into the field and they are thriving. In fact they are behaving as I would expect. They are bold and curious and already bouncing about. Spotty Ear is taking it all in her stride and it was good to see her with the flock this afternoon. She didn’t come over for food but she did enjoy the food I took over to her.

We end lambing season on a high.

Author: Jess Guth

Dr Jess Guth is a Senior Lecturer in Law. She blogs at jessguth.com She also doesn't really run - reallynotarunner.com

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