Riddlesden Jacobs

A site about a West Yorkshire flock of Jacob Sheep

About Us

Welcome to our site which is all about our small flock of Jacob sheep. On this site you will find information about our current sheep, the history of the flock and lots of pictures. There’s also a blog with updates about how the Jacobs are doing.


We’re three Riddlesden residents. Katherine has been involved with Jacob sheep for most of her life and has helped look after the flock from which our sheep came for as long as she can remember. Jess hadn’t thought much about sheep until she met Katherine but has been helping on and off for the last few years. She now knows which end the wormer goes in and can explain the difference between a lamb and a shearling. Bernard had thought about keeping sheep but the opportunity never came up. He enjoys the practical aspects of keeping the flock in the correct field and has a great time building shelters, walls and anything else we might need or want. The three of us make a good team: with Kath’s knowledge of sheep, Jess’ ability to complete spreadhseets and paperwork and Bernard’s practical skills, we have all aspects covered.

IMG_2902 (640x480)

Our first born twins


On the 19th October 2013 13 sheep and two lambs arrived at our field. We were supposed to get 12, then one had lambs so we had them and as we were loading up there was another good looking gimmer which we couldn’t leave behind. More information on our sheep is available under the Our sheep tab which includes pages on our current flock, previous sheep and lambs.

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