Riddlesden Jacobs

A site about a West Yorkshire flock of Jacob Sheep

Our current flock

Our current flock is made up a number of ewes from our original flock and then some of the ewes we have bred from them and others ewes we have sold since. In addition we keep our lambs for a little over a year and then we usually have a ram. Here are our current ewes in flock/individual identifier number


Numbers 1, 2 and 6 were born in early 2013 and had their first lambs in 2015.  Number 12 is the last of the original super-mums, a group of lovely slightly older 2 horn ewes. Number 6 and Number 2 and 12 are all registered with the Jacob Sheep Society in Appendix B as Foundation ewes.

We then have the triplets born to our Number 10 ewe (see previous sheep) which includes Edith our first bottle-fed lamb. We call the 4 horn stumpy because she knocked both side horns off. Stumpy and her sister had their first lambs in 2016. We don’t lamb Edith as she had loads of problems as a lamb and we’re not sure it would be viable for her. The two horn and 4 horn are numbers 14 and 15 and both are also Appendix B ewes.

And the final line-up: Two of our home bred ewes sired by our ram Brough. They are relatively big solid 2 horn ewes and are expecting their first lambs in spring 2017. These two are Appendix A ewes so we are excited that their offspring will be able to go into the full register.

See the Previous Sheep Page to see sheep and lambs we have sold


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