Riddlesden Jacobs

A site about a West Yorkshire flock of Jacob Sheep

Previous sheep

We started with 13 sheep and 2 lambs in October 2013 and we lambed 6 ewes in January 2014. Our flock is a hobby so we are conscious of numbers and not taking on too much, we therefore sold some of our ewes as well as most of the lambs. The first set of pictures is of the ewes we decided not to keep in 2014.

And here are some more of the lambs we sold including the two we ‘inherited’ and two of our ram lambs:

In 2015 we again sold some of our ewes to keep the numbers manageable. This was much harder than the first selection because it included almost all the lovely 2 horn ewes who had proven themselves to be lovely mums and who kept the flock lovely and calm. They were all however getting old. We also sold most of our lambs including one of our ram lambs to Cannon Hall Farm.

In 2016 we sadly lost one of our ewes in lambing. We wrote about it on the blog here. Also sadly, we had to sell our ram Brough in 2016 as we needed a new bloodline. He had been a lovely ram for us and we were sad to see him go.

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